Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Flying Elevator, Hendrick's Gin Air Blimp Hovering this July 4th Weekend by Ken Kansky

Even when you make a mad dash for your Hendrick’s Air flight scheduled at 11:00 AM today, in a local barn buster airport, you have to be creative with holiday traffic, irregular GPS, and wild small tarmac restrictions.  The 4 seater, including the pilot had a crew to catch the mooring lines and a bar for a terminal check in, complete with fresh gin in tonic garnished with freshly cut cucumber.

My parting bag contained a flask, printed regurgitation vomit receptacle, and a few sets of steel blimp wings and even a fake luggage tag, and other odd and unusual printed reading material as I had missed my original scheduled ride.    The floating cucumber blimp will be hovering around Boston’s  4th of July festivities until midnight on July 4th 2015, at a few thousand feet above Boston, so keep an eye to the sky.  With the cut of the engines,  we began a high vertical nose dive decent, in ultra slow motion.  I’m glad I was buckled in only to arrive at a powder puff stop in the grass.

Hendrick’s Gin for the best air travel enthusiast in us all.
Be safe this 4th of July holiday weekend and designate a driver or call Uber / Lyft /Sidecar / Taxi.
- Ken Kansky